Companies and organizations of all sizes often face extraordinary circumstances that require additional resources to provide financial oversight, management supervision, or special purpose financial reporting. Our services include:
  • Fiscal Agent—assuring financial controls and disbursements are made in conjunction with prescribed processes and regulations.
  • Business Process Outsourcing—including temporary back-office analysis and processing, staff augmentation, or general administrative support using the same disciplines and training we use for our own consulting and audit staffs
  • Interim Management—transitional C-suite services as needed
  • Staff augmentation-additional analysts, bookkeepers, or audit readiness professionals
  • Compliance Remediation / Corrective Action—our extensive experience with federal, state and local entities, along with private companies, allows McConnell Jones to provide guidance and execution for compliance issues
  • Disaster Assistance—processing claims, independent value assessments for business interruption, and other related services

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Fiscal agent for government organizations.

McConnell Jones serves as the fiscal agent for a cabinet level government organization that involves the monitoring of a quarter of a billion in transactions.


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