Our technical acumen in financial statement audits is based on our collective backgrounds, continuous technical training, and a high degree of partner involvement, given the firm’s low partner to staff model.  But our clients tell us the biggest difference in the audit services we provide are found in how we work.

Audit Services

  • Financial statement audit
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • Agreed Upon Procedure
  • Audit readiness

One thing we’ve learned in more than 30 years’ experience is that clients don’t like surprises, like missed deadlines or cost overages.  That’s why McConnell Jones offers what we consider to be unique way of working that simplifies the audit process and reduces disruption to the normal course of client business:

The McConnell Jones Plan Benefit Audit Optimizer is estimated to save our clients 6-8% of the time it would normally require to provide required documentation related to a plan audit, freeing them up to focus on other duties.

Our peer review is conducted every three years and we have not been found to have any deficiencies in our most recent review, which puts the firm ahead of most other CPA firms.

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The Power of Diverse Thinking

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Less Billing Surprises

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Technology Streamlining Audit and Tax Process

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High Staff Retention
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Ahead of most other CPA firms.

Peer reviewed every three years and no deficiencies in our most recent review.


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