Interviewing in the Midst of a Pandemic

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Uncategorized

It has been more than four weeks since many of the United States’ cities implemented Stay-At-Home orders due to COVID-19. As we’re all adjusting to this “new normal”, we must also adjust the way that we conduct business which includes the interview process. Here are some best practices for before you log on to a virtual interview:

  • Test your Technology. Use the same platform that the recruiter is scheduled to use before the interview. Do a test video with a friend or family member to ensure that you have a strong connection with quality video and audio. Test this on your intended interview device.


  •  Dress to Impress. As many of us are enjoying working remotely, we may be less inclined to dress in our business slacks or apply make-up. However, a virtual interview should be treated the same as an in-person interview. This is your first impression with the hiring manager. Take the time to do your hair and dress in appropriate attire to put your best foot forward.


  • Organize your Environment. Find a space where you’ll be the focal point in view during the conversation. If you are participating in the interview from your living room or bedroom, ensure the background is tidy, uncluttered, and appropriate for work.


  • Minimize Distractions. If there are other people or pets in your home, it’s best to go into a quiet room during the interview. Silence your cell phone and close out any potential apps or websites which may distract you during the call.


  • Be aware of Body Language. This is important in any interview, but it may be even more critical in a virtual interview. It’s easy to lose someone when it’s a video call as opposed to face-to-face. Maintaining eye contact, smiling, and sitting up straight shows attentiveness and interest.


  • Research the Company. This may seem obvious, but you still need to do your research about the organization before your interview.


  • Arrive Early. Just as you would an in-person interview, you want to be available for the call about 5 minutes before it is scheduled to start. Be prompt and prepared for the call.


As you continue to adjust to the new normal, these resources will help on your job search for the weeks ahead. In the midst of COVID-19, we’re also continuing to hire and grow the key areas of our business. View our open opportunities or contact human resources for more information.


Chesney Branson has more than three years in human resources and recruitment experience. She has placed various positions in a myriad of industries including accounting and finance as well as  information technology.  She joined McConnell & Jones in September 2018 and is a SHRM-CP certification candidate. She is responsible for  multi-level national corporate recruiting. Connect with Chesney on LinkedIn.